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Theta Healing® Retreat Corfu

Thursday 26th September till Thursday 3rd October 2019 

What happens on this retreat?
Join Jason & Philip on there Theta Retreat, throughout the retreat, we will assist you in exploring yourself on a deeper level, we will look at metaphysics and the Law of Attraction, positive thinking & affirmations, positive emotions and A-Z Theta Healing Downloads, meditation, clearing ancestral beliefs, sending love to baby in the womb, plus lots more. A choice of one to one treatment, with Philip, choosing from Reiki, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Crystal Reflexology. Also included is a boat trip to Paxos & Anti Paxos and a private island tour.

Why should you come?
Most of us live incredibly busy lives. We barely give ourselves time to think these days let alone to really slow down and get in touch with inner-self. We go through life promising ourselves that one day, once we've got through this current busy period. We'll slow down and take the time we need to take stock, re-balance, replenish and rejuvenate ourselves. Sadly, as we all know, unless we make a concerted effort that special time never comes. We just get swept along with the million and one things to do.
Giving yourself the time and space to fully recharge and connect with yourself is one of the healthiest and most helpful things you can do. This retreat isn't just about relaxing and learning techniques to make your life healthier and happier though. On a deeper level it's about giving yourself the chance, perhaps for the first time in your life, to really listen to yourself. This is something few of us allow ourselves to do and yet it can be absolutely life changing. Although, with that being said. Don't be surprised if this retreat leads you to some rather profound realisations and breakthroughs.

Who is it for?
In short ANYONE & EVERYONE can benefit from some relaxing time to themselves and you don't need to know anything about meditation or Theta Healing® to join us on this retreat. If you're a busy mum, a stressed businessman or woman, a teacher, a baker, a butcher or even a candlestick maker, we're sure you'll find this the most relaxing & beneficial holiday you've ever had.

Where is it held?
The retreat takes place in the beautiful St George of the South, Corfu. We have chosen Corfu specifically as the energies are conducive to support the graceful Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts and clearances you will experience. This is due to the large quantities of Calcite underground in Corfu; known as the "emerald island", famous for its stunning greenery both on land and in the turquoise seas that surround this gorgeous island. There is also a major lay-line that runs through Corfu; the Michael-Apollo Axis (lay line) weaves its way from Skellig Michael in Ireland to Mount Carmel in Israel, this lay line embraces Corfu making this an important portal for the energies of the divine union within. Indeed, the stunning resort of St. Georges (South) where we will be based.

When is it?
You will arrive on Thursday 26th September 2019 and depart on Thursday 3rd October 2019.
(Ryanair flies from Edinburgh on Thursdays)

What’s Included?
7 night’s accommodation
Shared Studio (Single occupancy available)
Welcome pack
Theta Healing®/Downloads/Meditation/Plus much more
Treatment of your choice with Philip
Day trip to Paxos & Anti Paxos
Transfers to and from the airport
Exclusive Island tour
Greek Meze night

What's not included?
Breakfast & Evening meals (apart from the Greek Meze Night), the studios we are staying in have a small kitchenette and there are many restaurants in St George.
Flights & holiday insurance are not included.
Optional extra, if you would like to see Corfu town by night we can arrange this for you. There would be a small charge

Shared Studio (Single supplement available)

How much is it?
The cost for this life changing retreat is £750 shared studio and £850 for a studio to yourself.

How to Book?
To book and secure your place we require a £150 non-refundable deposit due before 21st June. The full amount must be paid by the 15th September 2019. Payment plans are available should you require.

For more information or to book your place please email



Example of week retreat

The Program
Arrival day
Welcome from Jason & Philip with program for the week
Time for you to settle in
Example Daily schedule
Most days we will commence at 10, although this maybe earlier on the trip days. We start 10 to give you plenty time to wake up, either have some breakfast in your studio (lots of shops near by for groceries) or there are places close by serving breakfast.
10.00 – Theta, Testing Beliefs, Clearing Blocks, Meditation
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 – Continuing on from the mornings work
17.00 – Close of day. Evening free to reflect and relax. Lots of amazing restaurants close by to enjoy some traditional Greek food. 
Departure day
Check-out 11:00

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