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Crystal Reflexology with Philip Martin

Who am I?

My name is Philip Martin, I started my reflexology journey in 2008 at the City of Glasgow College. From here I went on to complete my BA Honours degree in Complementary Healthcare specialising in Reflexology, I graduated in 2013 from Edinburgh Napier University and proceeded to open Natural Balance Therapy Centre in Dundee. Moving through the years I also became a Reiki ART Master, Theta Healer® and a crystal therapist, and then earlier this year I decided to pass on the centre in Dundee to a beautiful soul who worked there, as I knew her vision for the space was similar to mine. I then opened a new place on the west coast of Scotland with my partner Jason.

How did Crystal Reflexology come about?

For quite some time I felt the crystals wanting to connect to the feet and so I started looking for Crystal Reflexology courses, I found a few but none of them resonated with me as they were more about placing the crystals around the feet. My crystals were wanting to work on the feet. I then met with my good friend Jacqueline Munro and we got on to the subject and she said to me write the course yourself as you are more than capable. So, I then started to connect and meditate on the subject and almost immediately I was getting the answers, I created the treatment and started to use it with clients and I was blown away with how effective it was. The treatment itself could last up to one and a half hours, as I was allowing the crystals to lead the way. This then lead me to write the course and I love sharing the teachings.

How does it work?

Crystal Reflexology is gentle yet powerful, allowing the crystals to connect with the feet allows any blockages or long held emotions to surface. The client is given two crystals to hold and then as they relax the therapist connects energetically to the client and the crystals. In this Crystal Reflexology we start with the chakras on the feet then work over the corresponding reflexes, here we allow the crystals to guide us and lead the way. We are connecting to the client’s soul through their soles, so it can be a big release for certain clients that tend to hold things in. The treatment itself can last between forty-five minutes and one and a half hours, this is because you are working with the crystals and allowing them to do their work to clear what no longer serves.

Crystal Reflexology training with Philip Martin,

The training for crystal reflexology is one day, during the day we will look at the chakras on the feet, metaphysics of the body, crystals and layouts, crystal grids that can be used to enhance the treatment, approaches to treatment, opening the healing space, mediums to use (e.g. calendula powder, oils, creams, etc), toxic crystals that require caution, and the treatment sequences. Each student will carry out a full treatment and will also receive one on the day, I have crystal packs already made up that are given to you as part of the course, so you can start your case studies straight away and a set of notes to help you remember the routine.

Where can you attend Crystal Reflexology with Philip Martin?

I offer training here in Scotland, but I can and will travel for any group that wishes to learn the beauty of crystal reflexology. If you would like me to bring the teachings to your area, please get in touch at

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